150 mins
1,200 Baht
120 mins
1,000 Baht
120 mins
900 Baht
90 mins
750 Baht
120 mins
800 Baht

JJ Queen Spa Traditional Thai Massage

25/49 Koh Yao Noi, Amphoe Koh Yao Phang-nga
82160 Thailand
Tel: +66 (0) 9 8629 8125


Welcome to JJ Queen Spa

The traditional Thai massage, known in Europe as the Thai yoga massage is practiced in Thailand under the name "Nuad Boran Phaen" which can be translated as "ancient healing touch". Traditional Thai massage can look back on a centuries-old tradition and has its origins in India. With passive, inherited from yoga stretching positions, stretching movements and pressure point massage ten selected energy lines are processed, which traverse the human body as an energetic network after aryurvedischer teaching.


Traditional Thai Massage

60 mins 400 Baht

Back and Shoulder Massage

60 mins 450 Baht

Aromaoil Massage

60 mins 450 Baht